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Cryptocurrency is the system of greatest anonymity. It has many advantages, such as the absence of the controlling organization. However, this system also has disadvantages, such as the high danger of hacking. However, if you use the service, the mixing helps to avoid dangers.

When is it best to trade and where to start?

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency has several disadvantages, it is still promising. With the right approach, trading with it can bring good profits. To make this possible, you first need to choose the right time. Despite the fact that the trade in crypto-currencies is conducted in 24/7 mode, the most preferable are Asian and American sessions.

This time is more useful because of the greatest awareness, and the large amount of news. All this makes possible to predict the course of digital coins. There are many platforms that make the crypto-currencies trading useful. Here are some of the known exchanges of cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitfinex space
  • Kraken platform
  • Bittrex system
  • Exmo platform
  • Binomo system.

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How to trade effectively in cryptocurrency?

Even if you are new to the world of trading, then you probably know the phrase “buy assets at a low price, and sell high.” It is considered to be fundamental in any trading, and also in cryptocurrency. The task is to correctly determine when the price will change its value – from low to high or vice versa.

How to improve the anonymity and secure in the system?

While the cryptocurrency is a system without any controlling organization, the user can become a target for hackers. To avoid such dangerous situations, it is important to mix coins with This makes the tracking of the transactions not possible.

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